Disability Insurance– This form of business life insurance will offer benefits when the insured man or women becomes unable to perform work duties due to the presence of a long-term injury or illness. Disability insurance may be combined with health and/or life insurance, in order to offer key benefits to staff members. Many business owners use this form of business life insurance in order to minimize risk that may happen as a result of the disability of employees. By purchasing disability insurance policies, business owners make certain that business will continue to be successful, even when tragedy strikes.

This type of policy requires a physician’s certification. Once the permanency of a disability or long-term illness is established (typically, after a set waiting period), the policy will be paid out to the insured party or parties. Premiums will vary based on a range of factors, including the age of the person being insured.

Life Insurance to Secure SBA or Equipment Loan– If you’re interested in getting an SBA loan, you may already know that you must purchase business life insurance in order to qualify for loan approval. Lenders ask for life insurance in order to ensure that they are protected in the event of your passing. They want to know that they’ll receive the full outstanding balance of the loan, whether or not you pass away.

This type of life insurance may be term life insurance or any other form of conventional business life insurance. Therefore, it’s possible to tailor a policy to your budget and business requirements. However, you should always consult with your prospective lender before making a final decision about purchasing this type of life insurance, in order to make certain that you’re getting the right policy. Choosing a good level of coverage will boost your chances of being successfully approved for an SBA loan.

Group Life Insurance– This type of business life insurance is also known as wholesale life insurance or institutional life insurance, and it’s a term insurance policy that covers a group of people who work at a company. This form of insurance may also be used to insure members of a union, association or pension fund. Typically, individual members who will be covered by group life insurance will not need to provide proof of insurability in order to qualify.

Executive Benefits Insurance– Employers may use different approaches in order to create the right executive benefits packages for their employees. However, most will add executive benefits life insurance to their packages. This type of business life insurance allows the beneficiary (the company or an employee’s beneficiary) to receive the policy’s monetary value without being taxed. In addition, this sort of business life insurance will provide death benefits that may be used to fund a range of cash flow needs. Investment earnings within these types of insurance policies are typically allowed to grow without being taxed, as long as investments remain inside of the program.

High Risk Life Insurance– This type of business life insurance is purchased for employees who don’t qualify for typical life insurance. Examples of high-risk employees include pilots, military personnel, or others who put their lives at higher risk due to their occupations. In addition, high risk life insurance, which is typically much more expensive than standard life insurance, is also available to those with pre-existing medical conditions (or family medical histories which indicate future health problems). Companies will need to spend much more money to ensure high-risk employees. However, the protection that this special form of business life insurance offers may be well worth the monetary investment.

Now that you know more about the different forms of business life insurance, you’ll be ready to choose the policy that is perfect for your company. Sometimes, you’ll need a range of different policies in order to ensure that your business interests are fully protected, and that your staff members also get the protection that they deserve. Often, seeking out legal advice or financial planning advice is a great way to decide how much business life insurance you really need.

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